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Old Age ro*mantic tips: These tips are old. but you can impress your lover

Old Age ro*mantic tips: These tips are old. but you can impress your lover

Old Age romantic tips: These tips are old. but you can impress your lover

Old Age ro*mantic tips: Love is a beautiful feeling. It cannot be said in words. It has to be shown with hands.. it has to be experienced with the mind. Love is really like a drug. But that intoxication is not in the head. It is in the mind. Some people try to describe love as that... But that description is not so sweet. To know the true sweetness of love, one has to love.. one has to share the love.

Now love is all digital. Whatsapping or writing some thoughts on Instagram or Facebook wall has become common now. Otherwise, try something new. Explore new ways to impress your lover. If you remember the old is gold.. here are some old age ro*mantic tips. Follow Impress your lover.

1. Create a mood for food

Who doesn't like food? That's why it's okay to use it to express your love. Everyone knows the candlelight dinner. Take your loved ones to a place where they can find delicious food. Make sure that the surrounding atmosphere is pleasant and hearty. Instead of sending desserts or pizza through a food delivery app.. become a chef yourself. Find out what she likes and try to cook it. If you can't make it to her liking.. make a good tea or coffee.

2. Handwritten letters, notes

As long as you are in love, not everyone needs to become Shakespear. Poets do not want. All you have to do is have love and the desire to express it. Write down what you think on a small piece of paper. Don't think that handwriting is not good.. Don't think too much about what to write. Write what you think in two or three paragraphs. You don't know their value now. After a few days, after a few years, when you find those letters and notes somewhere, you will understand their value. The memories they give are wonderful.

3. Date night without phones

Spend time with your loved ones without phones. It may seem difficult to be without a phone in these days of picking up phones to talk and fingering the phone screen. But it helps to increase the intimacy between the two. Without phones, if at all.. focus on your lover instead of looking at them. Read their emotions through their eyes. Enjoy their company.

4. Request a song on the radio

This tip is for die-hard ro*mantics. Ask them to play your favorite song on FM. This tip is very old. But a tip that works out forever. For those who listen to songs on FM, the feeling they get when they hear their favorite song is amazing. Try this tip while you are with them. Ask your lover to play on the radio. Surprise them. Let her hear her own name and your name with your song request playing for her. Puddles of hugs follow.

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