Health: If you gain weight. Can you make your partner comfortable in the badroom?

Health: If you gain weight. Can you make your partner comfortable in the badroom?

Health: If you gain weight. Can you make your partner comfortable in the bedroom?

Most people these days are gaining weight easily. Many people work from home due to the corona and the cholesterol in the body rises and obesity increases.

However, if you are gaining weight like this. Experts say that it is difficult to make your partner comfortable in the bedroom. Excessive weight can make you feel uncomfortable with your partner in the bedroom.

Several studies warn that it can have a profound effect on your sax life. Let's find out now from the interesting things about how weight gain can affect your ramantic life ...

After the wedding

Usually, after getting married it is natural for everyone involved in the ramance in the bedroom to have changes in their body. However, many babies are born with unexpected changes in their bodies. All this is due to a lack of balance of hormones. With this, some people gain weight very fast. Others turn out to be very lethargic. Still, others often gain weight by eating fast food.

Serious problems

However, this exceptional weight gain leads to many changes in the body. Experts warn that this can lead to serious problems in terms of health and combination in the bedroom, making it difficult to fully enjoy the task with a partner in the bedroom.

Interruption to saxual sport

If you gain a lot of weight. In addition to health problems, there are many barriers to your saxual activity. Cholesterol builds up in the body of both girls and boys, which can lead to saxual dysfunction. This is because weight gain lowers testosterone levels. This will make you less likely to enjoy sax.

Is it painful when engaging in saxual intercourse? But try this ... Does it hurt when you have sax? Try this instead ...

Desires diminish

Low testosterone levels in your body not only reduce your interest in the task but also your cravings. High cholesterol and insulin resistance can lead to vascular obstruction in girls. It reduces blood flow to the vaginal area. Experts say that even if one engages in saxual activity due to reduced blood circulation in such a sensitive area .. one cannot fully enjoy that function.

Problems in boys

Experts warn that erectile problems can occur in overweight boys. Experts say the problem will last a long time. No matter how hard you try in the bedroom, the chances of erectile dysfunction are very low. All this is happening to you due to excess fat.

At the same angle

As you gain weight you will have to do that task at the same angle. Moreover, the enjoyment is also greatly reduced. Having the opportunity to participate in a combination from a different angle. If you do such experiments even if you are overweight .. there will be endless difficulties. This will make your ramantic life boring.

Better to lose weight

Being overweight increases the risk of your partner having problems in the bedroom as well. So it is better that you try to lose weight as soon as possible. Also, do light exercises every day as there is a possibility of other health problems. Experts suggest that it is better to follow a strict diet.

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