Beauty Food: These are Priyanka Chopra favorite foods.

Beauty Food: These are Priyanka Chopra's favorite foods.

Beauty Food: These are Priyanka Chopra favorite foods.

Priyanka Chopra is a person who has gained a full fan following not only with her beauty but also with her acting. Sati herself in terms of beauty .. Find out how she maintains her lifestyle to maintain that ..
Priyanka Chopra Jonas - She is also one of the 100 strongest women in the world. Great women who have shaped their lifestyles from Bollywood to Hollywood. Miss World 2000 crowned beauty queen. The heroine was awarded the Padma Shri by the Government of India.

Her first film was 'The Hero - Love Story of a Spy'. After that, she was gone without the need to look back. She is actively involved in social causes such as women's rights, the environment, and gender equality. Has been working with UNICEF since 2006. Despite such success, she did not put her health and fitness next to yours. Even on such a hectic schedule she never seemed tired. Want to know how to maintain it? But find out why it is late.

Fitness routine

Every time I saw her flawless figure I couldn’t help but notice how tough her fitness routine was. But, she does not exercise unless she suspects she is gaining weight. When done, however, it is done very strictly. Do cardio for half an hour four times a week. Squats do. She also loves to swim. Do everything you need from a treadmill to yoga. Pushups, reverse lunges, bench jumps, reverse crunches, plank hold, biceps curls with light weights, running, spinning ... these are all part of her fitness routine.

Diet plan

Priyanka is also a foodie like all of us. They do not like to eat calories. She has no faith in Size Zero at all. Do not eat oily food, make homemade meals. Fresh water and coconut water are drunk alternately. Breakfast includes two egg whites and a glass of oatmeal with skim milk. Lunch includes salad, Pappu, and vegetables along with two chapatis. In the evening snacks take turkey sandwich but, sprout salad but. Dinner includes soup, grilled chicken or fish, and sauteed vegetables. On weekends she takes all her favorite cakes and chocolates.

Beauty Secret

Her beauty routine is simple. Massage the head with coconut oil. Do not forget to use a conditioner. Every day, compulsorily, no matter how late or how tired you are, wash your face before going to bed at night and apply moisturizer. Hydrating masks are used while traveling. Mix two teaspoons of lemon juice in half a cup of yogurt and leave it on the scalp for half an hour. Bathing is usually done with shampoo.

In her words, your confidence in your beauty. The confidence and respect you have in yourself is also visible on your face.

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