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Relationship: The maid came and saw how my husband was sleeping.

Relationship: The maid came and saw how my husband was sleeping.

Relationship: The maid came and saw how my husband was sleeping.

Everyone has different habits. These continue even after marriage. But marriage means someone coming into our life. What we like, others may not like. We may not like what they like. One such story happened in a house. Husband likes to sleep without clothes. The wife did not like it. Now there are quarrels between the two. Let's see what advice relationship experts give for this.

Her Story: Ours was an arranged marriage. After marriage, I love each other so much. He cares for me very much. There is so much love between the two. There is only one problem between us. What it is.. is a bit difficult to say. My husband sleeps completely naked. He also sleeps till 10 am. I have to be careful when the maid comes in the morning and cleans the room. Cover the entire blanket. What happened once was that even though I covered it completely, when he moved, it spilled a little up to the knee. I was at home doing other things and didn't care. Then the maid immediately came out and said that she will not go to that room. When I came and saw it, I understood. I don't know what to do in this matter. Very troublesome. I explained this to him many times. But, he doesn't care. He says that I cannot sleep comfortably if I wear clothes. what should I do It is becoming a bigger problem day by day.

A wife who is fed up with her husband who sleeps naked

His version.. I want to cover myself with a heavy blanket. So, I sleep naked when the AC is on. Also, I had a skin problem a few days ago. The doctor advised me to sleep naked. That habit remains so now. Sleeping without clothes is the best way to sleep. I have read many things that if you sleep without clothes at night, the body can breathe comfortably. Doing that.. I am wrong in this. The maid will come in the morning. My blanket goes sideways. But why should she actually come into the room.. I don't think it's a big problem. But, my wife is making a big problem. What should I do.. Please advise us..

You should talk to your wife about your health problem and let her know about it. Remember that you should not argue about this. You must understand that your wife does not like the maid to see you naked. Get up before she comes to your room, put on some nice clothes and go back to bed. Try to avoid sleeping naked. You should realize that this is causing trouble to your wife and your relationship with her will deteriorate.

Is it good to sleep without clothes?

Relationship Experts, Sleeping naked is a good idea to let our bodies breathe at night. But, there are many tasks in our homes. Workmen will come. It's okay if you go to another room and sleep. Lock from inside. Then there will be no problem. If your wife knows that the maid is in trouble, she will be in more trouble. Don't forget that if anything goes wrong, the maid will blame you. If you really have a skin problem and it becomes a habit, wake up early and go to another clean room. Or sleep with clothes on. It is good to find some ways like this. Hope you understand and solve the problem in this matter.. All the best.

Note: These details are provided according to health experts and studies. This article is for your information only. For any minor health-related problem the best way is to consult the doctors. Can observe.

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