Monday, November 01, 2021

New Tips: Do you know at first glance what boys notice most in women?

New Tips: Do you know at first glance what boys notice most in women?

New Tips: Do you know at first glance what boys notice most in women?

First love. The love that is born at first sight can never be forgotten in life. Most of us fall in love at first sight. For others, love begins with friendship. In fact, it is enough that love is born in our life. Life feels whole.

But there are many reasons for men to fall in love. Especially when you see women you like for the first time in your mind .. something unfamiliar in their heart irritates. Not only that but if they see some girls they will start the attraction without even knowing it. That’s why we’ve been falling for their magic ever since.

Meanwhile when most guys meet girls for the first time .. which part of them do you see the most .. what kind of things do you notice the most. if you also like the person who is focusing on you .. without further ado .. find out what he is flattering in you and be more provocative ... yet Check out that feature now.

Your figure

Most of us girls .. no matter how much .. first Osari completely scans the girl's figure from top to bottom. Don't get me wrong. They capture you in their minds and then dream about you. You are floating in an imaginary world imagining yourself.

Your gaze

According to mythology, we often hear that some Russians once had a stomach ache with their eyes. But no one knows how true that is. There is no evidence for that. But at present many things can be learned from the gaze seen through the eyes. This is one hundred percent true. Because many people think that what the other person sees first is our own eyes. But if you look at a person's gaze .. you can understand that he wants to talk to your eye to eye, he is obsessed with you.

Beautiful smile

We like someone who looks at us and gives a girl a smile. Because a beautiful smile is one of the first things you notice in most men. However, some people can not laugh completely for fear that their teeth are not in order .. their gums will appear. Boys love to smile naturally, ignoring things like that. And if a woman's beautiful smile drips on her cheeks .. any man should fall for such a laugh.

Beautiful clouds

If there is any stench from your sheep, no one will like such people even if they are not clean. This is because most men like girls with long hair. So girls make sure your lashes are extremely clean and shiny. If you have long hair and your hair is flying in the cold air, you are sure to fall in love with any man who sees them.

Your walk

Most men are well aware of why our poets liken girls' walking to swan walking. That’s why guys pay close attention to things like how their favorite girls are running. Loyal walking is a game-changer for most men. If you find sluggishness and sluggishness in your walk .. it will be a bit difficult. That's why girls walk you very stylish with confidence. You get up and walk with confidence. Fed up the boys.


Behavior is one of the things that most boys notice in most girls. They come to an assessment based on women's behavior and attitude. Because things like this tell a lot about you. If you behave sensitively .. you will be easily attracted. But you don’t care how beautiful your face is if you do Wrong Behavior.

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