Lifestyle: This is the reason we gain weight

Lifestyle: This is the reason we gain weight

Lifestyle: This is the reason we gain weight

Obesity is one of the diseases that affect everyone from small to large. Obesity has become a big challenge for many people in the world right now. Obesity does not mean being overweight Obesity increases the risk of diabetes and heart disease. Especially since they cause a lot of trouble in the long run.


  1. Weight gain with current lifestyle
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There are many reasons for obesity. However, everyone thinks that it is mainly due to a lack of a proper lifestyle. So remember that the role of a good lifestyle is crucial. If you are suffering from obesity then you need to use anti-obesity drugs along with a good lifestyle. But for some, the disease is more likely to come from their genes. Because our genes control fat deposits. But today we will look at some important things about obesity. Find out now why it's too late.

Eating mint during periods can cause these problems

After a person eats food, the digestive process continues along with certain types of acids present in the digestive system. Once the food is digested it is converted into glucose and man gets energy through it, but this process also depends on the genes. The whole diet is likely to shift under fat as well as under energy. Whenever genes cause high dietary fat and we can detect it, we can control it with certain medications as prescribed by a doctor. In addition, experts say that the daily diet may also below.

This mass will attract anyone

Not all of the hundreds of types of genes present in the body are overweight and not everything is related to the disease. So Eyleen O'Rourke - the University of Virginia's College of Arts and Sciences - began large-scale research to determine which genes were causing the disease. However, as part of that research, insects called C. elegans were used. These tiny worms like to eat microbes. In addition, they prefer to live in decaying vegetation. However, they share more than 70% of our genes and are just as obese as humans who eat a high percentage of sugar.

Using C elegans, the study examined 293 genes in obese humans and sought to determine whether genes in a particular cause or prevent obesity.

Beware of people with sugar also have high blood pressure

For that these worms were kept with good food that they normally take and some worms were given food that had a high percentage of fructose. Eventually, they caused 14 genes to become obese and three genes prevented the worms from becoming obese as well as allowing the worms to survive longer and have better neuro locomotor function.

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